Saturday, 28, May, 2022

As per the presidential decree, the state’s stake in 8 joint-stock companies will be sold through the stock exchange. The President signed the Additional Measures to Introduce Effective Mechanisms to Support the Capital Market Decree.

According to the Decree, from April 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024:

  • dividends of individuals and non-residents of Uzbekistan received from shares shall be exempt from income tax;
  • a 5% income tax rate is applied to dividends on shares of non-resident legal entities;
  • income of resident and non-resident individuals and legal entities on corporate bonds shall be exempt from income tax.

A number of joint-stock companies shall be also sold through the stock exchange:

  Joint stock company Location State’s stake (%) Sale type
1 UzAuto Motors Andijan province 100 IPO
2 UzAuto Motors Powertrain Tashkent province 100 IPO
3 O’zbekgeofizika Tashkent province 96.8 IPO
4 O’ztemiryo’lkonteyner Tashkent city 90 IPO
5 Dori-Darmon Tashkent city 36.1 IPO/SPO
6 Uzbekistan Post Tashkent city 77.6 SPO
7 Universal Sugurta Tashkent city 14.48 SPO
8 Alskom Tashkent city 5.21 SPO



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