Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

Uzbek and Kazakh military will conduct joint drill at the Termez district training ground from November 17 to 24, the Kazakh Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The purpose of joint drill is reportedly to increase the compatibility and the level of cooperation between the armed forces of the two states in the course of solving joint tasks.

Over 100 Kazakh servicemen will attend the drill, a number of multifunctional Su-30SM fighters, S-295 military transport aircraft, tactical unmanned aerial vehicles will be involved, the statement added.

The combat training tasks of Kazakhstani units will include conducting a search and reconnaissance operation, practicing the actions of combat guard units when destroying the enemy's forward detachments, repelling an offensive and the subsequent elimination of illegal armed formations, and evacuating the wounded and out of order equipment from the battlefield.

Earlier joint Uzbek-Kazakh drill "Shield-2021" was held in Kazakhstan at the "Matibulak" training ground in the Dzhambul region.

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