Monday, 29, November, 2021

The Tax Committee disclosed taxes paid by international e-service companies in Uzbekistan. In January-September 2021, these companies paid more than 15.2 billion soums, or US$ 1.4 million to the budget: Facebook - 7.6 billion soums, Google Commerce Limited - 4.6 billion soums, Apple - 2.2 billion soums, Netflix - 331 million soums, Yandex - 256 million soums, - 205 million soums, Huawei - 81 million soums.

While in 2020, the aovecompanies paid over 11.8 billion soums.

The State Tax Committee opened a special VAT office so that foreign Internet companies could register through it as payers of VAT.

In two years, 28 foreign companies providing e-services to individuals without setting up an entity in Uzbekistan have registered with tax authorities.

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