Monday, 18, October, 2021

On October 11-12, the Uzbek government delegation led by the First Deputy Foreign Minister Farhod Arziev attended the anniversary summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Summit was attended by about 120 members of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Foreign Ministry's press service said. The first summit was held 60 years ago and discussed the ongoing role of the Movement in the modern world, its growing role in peace and security, sustainable development and the protection of human rights.

In his remarks, Farhod Arziev briefed on the main areas of Uzbekistan reforms, sustainable development, efforts to ensure global and regional security.

The movement originated in the 1950s as an effort by some countries to avoid the polarized world of the Cold War between the pro-Soviet communist countries belonging to the Warsaw Pact, and the pro-American capitalist countries belonging to NATO. 

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