Thursday, 23, September, 2021

Due to the increased needs for food in Afghanistan, the UN is increasing stocks of essential goods in warehouses in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The main logistics center was established in the Uzbek city of Termez, announced a UN official at a briefing in New York.

Over the past few days, the United Nations agencies have successfully delivered humanitarian supplies to the Afghan provinces, and the day before, a convoy of the Office of Refugees (UNHCR) made it safely to Nangarhar. This is the second convoy with assistance in the past three weeks to Afghanistan through the Pakistani checkpoint Torkham.

As a result of the conference in Geneva, donors pledged to allocate more than a billion dollars for the needs of Afghans, almost twice as much as requested by the UN. It also became known that the Taliban had committed in writing to provide conditions for the performance of humanitarian operations.

The UN is now asking donors to provide the promised funds as soon as possible in order to purchase food, medical supplies and other essential goods for Afghans.

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