Thursday, 23, September, 2021

On July 28, the President signed a new edition of the Courts Law. The Law was published in Xalq So’zi with immediate effect on Thursday.

The new Law enhances the status of judges, guarantees their independence, with the requirements for candidates for the office of a judge and elected persons brought in line with international standards. The document revises the disciplinary liability of judges, clarifies the grounds and procedure for terminating the powers of judges, and also provides social protection for judges.

So, the minimum length of service in the legal profession for appointment or election as a judge of a district or city court is now 7 years instead of 5, for a provincial court - 10 years instead of 7, for a Supreme Court - 15 years instead of 10.

Disciplinary liability of judges was previously regulated by article 73 of the Courts Law, now the chapter 11, consisting of 4 articles, is devoted to this, which stipulates that a judge can be brought to disciplinary liability for:

  • violation of the law in the administration of justice;
  • committing a misdemeanor defaming the honor and dignity of a judge and infringing on the authority of the court;
  • violation of the requirements of the Code of Judicial Ethics.

The chapter 12, introduced by the new law, provides for the cases and procedure for the suspension and termination of the powers of a judge.

As for the material support of judges, the new law introduces the possibility for them to receive service housing and compensation for rented housing.

The Law also includes a provision stating that persons present in the courtroom and media representatives can take photographs, video and audio recordings in the courtroom in the manner prescribed by law.

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