Saturday, 31, July, 2021

The State Asset Management Agency announced the beginning of the process of selling Chorvoq Oromgohi (Pyramids Resort) , a state-owned asset, divided into eight separate lots.

The sale of state assets will be carried out in the following two stages:

at stage 1, applicants pass a preliminary qualification selection, including consideration of the completeness of the submitted documentation required for bidding, confirmation of the fee deposit, the acceptability (inadmissibility) of the submitted business concept, taking into account the requirements for the further use of the state asset.

at stage 2, the commercial proposal (redemption value and payment term) and the solvency of the applicant will be assessed.

The Pyramids resort is located on the territory of the Chimgano-Charvak recreational zone (80 km from Tashkent) on the shore of the Charvak reservoir, surrounded by a chain of high mountains and hills. The confluence of three mountain rivers Chatqol, Kok-Su and Pskem, combined with a dam, form the Charvak reservoir.

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