Thursday, 24, June, 2021

The Environmental Protection Committee, which issued permits to kill two brown bears, revoked its permit for the second after one bear was killed.

In Uzbekistan, a brown bear listed in the Red Book was killed by a Russian national. The fact that the chairman of the Ecological Committee had issued a permit caused a public outcry.

The permit was issued to kill 2 bears, and the hunter retained the right to shoot one more bear.

Following the protests, the Environment Committee announced that the permit would be revoked.

“Russian national E.P. Shirokov was issued a hunting permit by the committee valid from March 3 through December 31 this year. He was also granted a permit because the application for 2 bears in the quota for hunting brown bears, included in the "Red Book" in 2021, was filed by a Russian citizen E.P. Shirokov.

The second bear in the quota was not allowed to be killed as per the established procedure, ie due to the rule of law, and due to public protests,” said Abdurashid Sodiqov, the chief of the Committee for Biodiversity and Protected Areas.

Sadykov did not specify whether there were legal grounds for revoking the permit. The hunter paid for a permit to hunt two bears, and it is unknown in what procedure his compensation will be decided.

The head of the committee stressed that, as in the initial statement issued by the press service of the committee on the same case, everything was legal if the bear was allowed to be hunted.

He explained that under the Hunting Law, a limited number of animals listed in the Red Book can be hunted. A quota is allocated for this annually. How many quotas are allocated is decided by the Committee; it considers the number of applications received for hunting, a conclusion is obtained from the Academy of Sciences.

As reported earlier a Russsian national posted a photo with a downed bear, after being issued permit by the Uzbke Enveronmental Protection Committee.

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