Thursday, 24, June, 2021

"As a result of the irresponsible attitude of medical workers", two pregnant women have died In Bakhmal district of Jizzakh province, the provincial prosecutor's office said.

According to the department, residents of the district - E.Z. and Z.I. were taken to the hospital in 2020. Despite this, the nurse and general practitioner did not conduct a full medical examination, and also did not take the necessary measures to treat the diseases that the women were diagnosed, the statment said.

As a result, in April of this year, the women died in Jizzakh provincial perinatal center. The provincial prosecutor's office added that year-to-date, seven babies have also died in the province.

In the course of studying the situation, the prosecutor's office also got acquainted with the the state of affairs in Bakhmal province in terms of quality of medical assistance to pregnant women. It turned out that in 2020, 725 women were registered with a delay, another 85 expectant mothers did not undergo screening at all.

In addition, in six months of last year, no blood tests to identify hereditary diseases were taken among women in risk groups after the initial screening. Following the results of the checks, a prescription was made to the provincial health department.

the Jizzakh city prosecutor's office is conducting a pre-investigation check over the death of two pregnant women.

In late April, Nariman Umarov, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judicial and Legal Issues and Anti-Corruption, pointed to shortcomings in ensuring legislation on the protection of the reproductive health of mothers and children. According to him, last year the infant mortality rate increased by 428 cases, maternal mortality - by 10.

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