Sunday, 09, May, 2021

On April 12, the Ministry of Justice registered a branch of the International Research and Exchanges Council (IREX), the head office of which is located in the United States.

"The main goals and objectives of the branch are to contribute to the building of a prosperous and equal society in Uzbekistan, to expand the opportunities for the youth of Uzbekistan and to educate future leaders, to assist in expanding access to quality education and information," the press service of the Ministry of Justice said.

IREX will also promote teacher development and intensive English language training for university students by bringing native English speakers to Uzbekistan.

The branch will carry out its goals and objectives in cooperation with the ministries of public education, higher and secondary specialized education, innovative development and the Agency for Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Justice notes.

The organization was previously present in Uzbekistan. In 2006, by a court decision, the representative office was closed for “violation of statutory documents and national legislation”. Then, together with IREX’s office were closed the offices of the American Bar Association, Internews Network, Freedom House, ACCELS, Counterpart International, the Central Asia Free Exchange Forum (CAFE), Global Involvement through Education, Urban Institute, Eurasia Foundation, Partnerships for Academic Education and Development (PAD), Crosslink Development International and Winrock International.

As reported earlier the Ministry registered the branches of the American Councils for International Education (ACCELS) and Winrock International.

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