Friday, 07, May, 2021

Over 130 thousand university students live in rented apartments. To address this issue, the government is preparing a program that provides for coverage of half of the rent by the state.

At the first stage, this program is planned to cover 60 thousand young people. In addition, the mayor’s offices and universities will also cover these expenses of needy students. The Finance Minister Timur Ishmetov will contribute 100 billion soums for these purposes.

“This is a lot of money, but I am ready for it,” the president said.

Timur Ishmetov, the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Abdukodir Tashkulov, as well as rectors and heads of regional finance departments within two weeks should meet with students who live in rented housing and begin payments from May 1.

In addition, in 2021-2025, plans to build dormitories for 92.6 thousand places. It is planned to contribute 4.4 trillion soums for these purposes.

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