Thursday, 06, May, 2021

The Committee of the Senate on Defense and Security is reviewing the Bill amending certain regulations due to improving the weapons related legislation, the upper house of parliament reported.

The law consists of 14 articles providing for amendments and additions to 11 laws.

Currently, in the current Weapons Law , the powers of licensing and issuing permits in the field of civilian and service weapons and ammunition are assigned to the National Guard.

However, according to the Senate, control over the abiding by the rules for storing civilian and service weapons and ammunition, as well as taking measures for the violations revealed, shall be entrusted to the police.

They noted that in the country there is a need to transfer to a single state body the functions of licensing and issuing permits, as well as exercising control in the field of weapons.

In addition, after the adoption of the Law on Weapons, in addition to firearms, it was allowed to own pneumatic, gas, signal, blade, throwing weapons and electric shock devices. But for illegal possession of the above weapons, which are not firearms, there is no liability in the legislation. The Code of Administrative Liability and the Criminal Code only provide for liability for violation of the rules for the storage and illegal possession of firearms.

The legislation provides for the following amendments:

  • first, the transfer from the National Guard to the police of the functions of state regulation and control over the circulation of weapons and ammunition;
  • secondly, to provide for criminal and administrative liability for illegal circulation of weapons that are non-firearms, or violation of the rules for the circulation of weapons;
  • thirdly, bringing the concepts, types of weapons existing in the legislation and their legal consolidation in accordance with the Weapons Law.

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