Friday, 19, July, 2024

In December 2019, Shavkat Yoldoshev departed for Russia to get a job, where he was engaged in drug dealing in Moscow and was arrested by the police.

In September 2021, he was found guilty by the Obninsk city court of the Kaluga region and was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Sh. Yoldoshev, at the call of the Russian military, served 6 months in the Wagner Kremlin-backed private company from October 2022 to April 22, 2023 during the period of serving his sentence. He was even awarded a For Courage medal.

He was arrested and was investigated when he returned to Uzbekistan in August 2023 after failing to obtain Russian citizenship.

Ohangaron district criminal court on May 30 of this year found Sh. Yoldoshev guilty of Mercenaries charge of the Criminal Code and was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months of correctional labor.

In his testimony in court, the defendant said that he had bee in the territory of Luhansk region of Ukraine, had participated in the construction of military fortifications, and had not directly participates in the Wagner’s military operations.

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