Saturday, 13, July, 2024

The price of a Tashkent-Andijan toll road is estimated at US$ 4.65 billion dollars, the Deputy Minister of Transport Jasurbek Choriev said this on May 2 at the Tashkent International Investment Forum.

Speaking at a panel session dedicated to infrastructure investment projects, he said that the toll highway project is almost completed. The project’s feasibility study is due to be prepared by the end of June.

According to him, the total length of the road, which will connect the capital and the provinces of the Fergana valley will be 314 km.

Jasurbek Choriev also mentioned the Trans-Afghan railway project, which will connect Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan and should reduce the delivery time of goods from Indian Ocean ports to Central Asia from 35 to 5 days.

“The cost of delivering goods will be reduced by at least 40%. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2027,” he said.

Choriev named the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway as another important project. The 454 km line project is estimated at $5.1 billion.

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