Sunday, 10, December, 2023

Officers of the Customs Committee in the Tashkent province stopped the illegal carrying out of a large sum of foreign currency, the department’s press service reported.

inspection of the hand luggage of a citizen who intended to travel through the Gishtkuprik border post to Kazakhstan discovered 5.13 million Russian rubles (more than 53 thousand dollars) and 4,000 dollars were that were not indicated in the customs declaration, nor was it declared verbally.

An investigation is currently underway.

As reported earlier, the limit on carrying in and out of foreign currency from Uzbekistan without declaration would be increased from December 6 up to 100 million soums instead of the current 70 million soums.

The rules are also supplemented by a clause stating that individuals, in order to receive advice, can show to customs officials cash currency exceeding the specified limit before customs control, in this case, the employees explain to them the rules for filling out the declaration.

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