Thursday, 20, June, 2024

Footage surfaced on the Telegram showihg the governor of Andijan province Shukhrat Abdurakhmanov promisiung the football players of Andijan FC a car and iPhone 14 smartphones.

In the 17th matchday of the Super League of Uzbekistan on Monday, Andijan FC defeated in a home match the Tashkent-based Olympic FC, 2:1.

In the 3rd minute, the Albanian football player Rubin Hebaj took the lead. After 16 minutes, Olympic equalized. At the beginning of the second half, the home side increased their lead thanks to a goal from the Chernogorian Armin Bošnjak in the 51st minute.

In the footage the governor of Andijan province Shukhrat Abdurakhmanov celebrated the victory together with the Andijan FC’s players on the pitch and promised the football player Rubin Hebaj a car, and to all the other players - iPhone 14 smartphones.

“Did I promise a car? Tomorrow you will go and pick any car you want and it is yours,” the governor said and hugged the football player. The other players suggested to go for a Mercedes-Benz car.

He also promised to provide financial support to Andijan FC and keep all promises. “Everything that I promised to the players, I will keep them… now I won’t say what it is. You will find out tomorrow. I will give them a nice incentive. You will get the cheers form fans, support from me in the form of cash, ”he said.

It should be noted that the Andijan FC is private and belongs to the businessman Zhuratbek Kuvatov, who founded several companies and enterprises in the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare and others.

After 17 matches of Superleague Andijan is now placed 7th out of 14 (on 24 points). The top placed are are Pakhtakor (38 points), Navbakhor (33) and Neftchi (32).

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