Sunday, 26, March, 2023

The Embassy of the United States made a statement on the trial over the accused who were said to have led the mass riots in Krarakalpakstan. "With the conclusion of the trial of 22 people accused of actions related to the tragic events in Karakalpakstan in July, the U.S. Embassy continues to call for the government to fulfill its commitments to public transparency and to hold accountable any members of the security forces who violated Uzbek law,", the statement said.

The United States made a similar statement at the end of November, before the start of the trial.

As reported earlier, the main accused involved in the case, Dauletmurat Tazhimuratov, was sentenced to 16 years, Lolagul Kallykhanova received 8 years of suspended sentence and, together with Azamat Nuratdinov, Akhmet Smetullayev and Azamat Turdanov (received 5 years of house arrest) was released from the courtroom. The rest of the accused were sentenced to imprisonment or house arrest.

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