Monday, 15, April, 2024

200,000-soum banknote will be issued in Uzbekistan in 2024, announced the Chairman of the Central Bank Mamarizo Nurmurodov at a press conference on Thursday.

“As part of a single system, we have begun issuing a second series of well-protected banknotes. Now we have issued new banknotes up to 100,000 soums. In the circulation of cash, there are certain patterns. Based on these patterns, the structure of banknotes in banks is being formed. Based on this, we plan to issue the 200,000-soum banknote in the future,” he said.

According to him, when the 50,000-soum banknote was issued in 2017, the amount of notes in circulation per capita was 489 notes.

“That is, each person had 489 banknotes in their hands, for example, with a face value of 1000, 500 or 200 soums. To date, we have reduced this figure by more than two times. Now it is just over 200… Our goal is to turn cash into a convenient means of payment for the population by changing the structure of banknotes,” said Mamarizo Nurmurodov.

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