Tuesday, 26, September, 2023

The volume of Uzbekistan’s gross gold and foreign exchange reserves as of July 1 topped to U$ 34.14 billion, recording a decrease of U$ 1.37 billion over the month, the Central Bank said in a report.

The country's gold and foreign exchange reserves fell after a record high in early June (U$ 35.5 billion).

Last month, gold in reserves increased by 0.2 million troy ounces (about 6.2 tons), but its value fell by U$ 1.2 billion, as gold fell in price sharply in June. In particular, if on May 31 the price of gold was U$ 1905.7, then on June 30 it fell by 7.2% - to U$ 1,767.6.

Foreign currency reserves also fell by U$ 141.9 million.

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