Sunday, 14, July, 2024

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has delivered more medical supplies and equipment to Uzbekistan as part of its commitment to help the government respond to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

20 oxygen concentrators procured through UNICEF under ADB’s $1.56 million grant were delivered on Friday (24 July), while the first 100 ventilators arrived in Tashkent on 17 July as part of two contracts signed with Swiss firms amounting to $19.5 million. 700 more ventilators will be delivered in the coming weeks. An earlier batch of laboratory supplies for COVID-19 testing, and funded through the same $1.56 million grant were handed over to the Agency of Sanitary Epidemiological Wellbeing of Uzbekistan on 29 June.

“This equipment is going to help save the lives of ordinary Uzbeks afflicted by this terrible disease,” said ADB Country Director for Uzbekistan Cindy Malvicini. “The situation remains very challenging here. We continue to work hard to deliver more lifesaving equipment and remain committed to supporting the people of Uzbekistan through this difficult time.”

ADB is working on further emergency assistance to help increase efficiency, quality, and accessibility of health care in Uzbekistan; establish a monitoring and response system for COVID-19; and improve the health care system’s overall resilience.

On 7 July, ADB and the Government of Uzbekistan signed the agreement on a $500 million budget support loan to help Uzbekistan mitigate the adverse health and economic impacts of the disease, funded through ADB’s COVID-19 pandemic response option.

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