Sunday, 25, February, 2024

On May 21, the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a resolution on financing the targeted support for citizens affected by the incident at the Sardoba reservoir dam and for restoration of infrastructure.

According to the document, US$ 100 million will be provided from the Uzbekistan Fund for Reconstruction and Development to the state budget.

These funds will be used for:

  • restoration of destroyed irrigation and land reclamation facilities, including repair and cleaning of collectors, drains and drainage wells, reclamation pumping stations in areas affected by floods - to the Ministry of Water Resources;
  • construction, reconstruction and repair of road transport infrastructure in the affected areas - to the Committee on Roads under the Ministry of Transport;
  • construction and reconstruction of clean drinking water and sewage systems in the affected areas - to the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities;
  • construction of multi-apartment residential buildings in Sardoba, Oqoltin and Mirzaabad districts in 2020-2021 to families whose residential buildings were demolished or became unsuitable for living - the local budget of the Syrdarya province;
  • construction, reconstruction and overhaul of social facilities (pre-school educational organizations, secondary schools, medical institutions and others) in the Sardoba, Oqoltin and Mirzaabad districts of the Syrdarya province - to the Ministries of Health, Public and Preschool Education.

The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to submit to the Presidential Administration a proposal on optimizing budget funds in the amount of up to 1.15 trillion soums provided for in the Social and Industrial Infrastructure Development Program.

Work on laying electrical networks, a gas pipeline and utilities networks for multi-storey buildings and social facilities under construction in Sardoba, Oqoltin and Mirzaabad districts will be performed at the expense of the enterprises of Provincial Electric Grids, Khududgaztaminot and Uzbektelecom.

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