Saturday, 24, February, 2024

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed to unify regulations in the field of the capital market by the end of 2020, the Deputy Head of the Capital Market Development Agency, Sherzod Egamberdiev announced today.

“There are a lot of problems and irregularities in the relevant legislation. The President instructed us, together with the Ministry of Justice, to develop direct laws by the end of 2020,” he said.

So, according to him, the on the capital market law and the on the capital market’s regulator law will be adopted.

“The previous document should provide for the unification of all regulations in the field of the securities market, the activities of public companies, setting rules related to the issuance and circulation of all types of securities,” he addedd.

While, the capital market’s regulator law shall clearly determine the statute of the Capital Market Development Agency and its powers. “The agency will independently legal enforcement measures. This is imposing fines and sanctions against people who violate the capital market legislation,” he noted.

Egamberdiev also noted that it is planned to introduce online broadcasts of court hearings related to the capital market, and court decisions will be published on their websites, which will positively affect the transparency of the judicial process.

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