Friday, 14, June, 2024

The Ministry of Finance presented the Citizens Budget for the draft 2019 state budget, prepared as part of the joint project with UNDP “Promoting Public Finance Management Reform in Uzbekistan” with the financial support of the British Embassy.

A Citizens Budget is a simpler, less technical version of a government’s budget specifically designed to present key information to the public. Citizens Budgets can vary widely in focus, content, and length and be presented in a number of ways, ranging from a simple brochure to a comprehensive report. These excellent examples of Citizens Budgets showcase different approaches and styles.

The ultimate goal of the Uzbekistan Citizens Budget is to enable people to influence the generation of incomes and expenditure of state budget funds, and, accordingly, the collected money is spent taking into account the public opinions and interest, the Finance Ministry noted.

The publication consists of four sections: 1) Medium-term budget guidelines; 2) Tax reform; 3) 2019 Draft State Budget; 4) International assessments of public finances management.

The Ministry of Finance is also developing the Open Budget portal as of January 1, where citizens will be able to obtain information on the state budget.

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