Monday, 22, July, 2024

Uzbekistan firms applied for a total of $51.18 million EBRD loans for three projects. A USD 30 million loan in favour of Ipoteka-bank to be split between a senior MSME loan of up to USD 25 million with the proceeds to be on-lent to eligible subborrowers, and up to USD 5 million for trade finance activities.

Another  $11.18 million senior secured loan to finance the acquisition of the imported equipment for a new generics pharmaceuticals production facility in  Uzbekistan. The plant will have a maximum capacity of around 280 million plastic ampoules of injectables.

And finally a senior loan of up to USD 10million in favour of JSC Uzbek Leasing International, which will consist of two tranches of USD 3 million each, and a third tranche of USD 4m.

The loan will be used to grant finance leases for commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers and equipment to small and medium-sized enterprises in Uzbekistan.

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