Friday, 19, July, 2024

The Central Bank set a new exchange rate for foreign currencies to the Uzbek soum for June 28. The US dollar to Soum rate fell by another 25.11 soums at the end of day trading. In general, the US dollar weakened against the Soum for the sixth trading day in a row (since June 21), losing almost 88.75 soums - from 12643.91 to 12555.16 soums. This is the minimum figure since March 13 (12,546 soums).

In commercial banks on Wednesday, the US dollar was bought at a rate from 12,520 soums to 12,575 soums (only at the BRB, Garant Bank and Universalbank). The selling rate varied from 12,610 (Asia Alliance Bank, Trustbank and Agrobank) to 12,640 soums.

Since the beginning of the year, the soum lost 1.7% against the US dollar.


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