Monday, 22, April, 2024

The Uzbekistan unemployment rate topped 9.2% in Q1, the spokesman to the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations Mavzhuda Mirzayeva said.

This is lower compared to the same period in 2021 (10.2%), 2020 and 2019 (9.4%), and 2018 (9.7%). The previous record low was 9% in 2019, and then, due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions, the number of unemployed began to rise.

In total, as of April 1, the number of jobseekers was at 1.4 million people. The unemployment rate among young people aged 16-30 decreased to 14.9%, among women - to 12.8%.

In January-March 2022, the number of manpower in the country reached 19.5 million people (+0.8%).

Minister of Employment and Labor Relations Nozim Khusanov said at a meeting of the Legislative Chamber on July 20 that since 2019 the number of people working illegally has decreased from 7.83 to 6.16 million people. According to him, this was achieved through administrative measures, including reducing the burden on the salary fund of enterprises.

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