Saturday, 25, May, 2024

Uzbekistan doubled its revenues from gas exports to China in six months, up to US$ 404 million, TASS reported with reference to the central customs authority of China.

The leading supplier of liquefied gas to China in January-June was Australia (11.15 million tons worth US$ 7.73 billion), followed by Qatar (7.64 million tons worth US$ 5.02 billion) and Malaysia (3.93 million tons worth US$ 3.56 billion).

Turkmenistan is still the top country in terms of selling pipeline gas to China: worth US$ 4.51 billion (a 1.5-fold increase) in six months.

Russia is in second place, followed by Myanmar (down 12%, to US$ 616 million), Kazakhstan (down 8.8%, to US$ 531 million) and Uzbekistan (up about 2.2 times, to US$ 404 million).

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