Thursday, 18, July, 2024

In 2019, a presidential decree outlined 17 international ratings, in which the country's position should be improved. Research institutes have been assigned for each of these ratings. By the May 18 presidential decree, the scientific potential of these institutions and practical activities to improve positions in the ratings should be harmonized.

Now, after the publication of the annual international ratings, government bodies responsible for low figures will submit orders for scientific grants to the Ministry of Innovative Development to eliminate systemic errors in areas and industries with such figures. The ministry will offer scientific scholarships.

Projects to eliminate systemic errors in areas and industries on low indicators should be developed on the basis of the international project management standard PMBK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

The Decree approved a plan for the development of medium-term and long-term strategies for the accelerated development of regularly underestimated areas and industries. For the implementation of the plan, the personal responsibility of the first heads of ministries and departments was established.

From September, the Academy of Public Administration under the President will conduct short-term refresher courses on priority international ratings and indices for government officials. They will teach methods and criteria for evaluating indicators and sub-indicators of rating agencies, study the experience of countries leading in the global ranking by low-estimated criteria in Uzbekistan and the reforms carried out by these countries, as well as practice the development of projects to eliminate systemic errors in low-estimated sub-indicators.

Professors-teachers and scientists of the academy who teach courses will be sent to advanced training courses and internships at prestigious foreign universities, research centers and international organizations to get acquainted with advanced foreign experience and increase potential.

The expenses for preparation of educational and methodological materials and the advanced training courses for employees of state bodies will be financed by the Civil Service Development Support Fund.

The Ministry of Innovation will annually, until March 1, form a portfolio of topics for scientific projects based on the annual plans of scientific organizations assigned to international ratings and indices, and additional requirements of independent researchers on international ratings and indices.

In April, at a meeting of the republican council for working with international ratings in the Senate, it was noted that Uzbekistan in 2021 took part in 19 international ratings and improved its position in 11.

The plan for 2022 approved at the meeting provides for further improvement of the country's position in priority international ratings and indices of socio-economic, political and legal spheres. To this end, it is planned to develop 1 strategy, 5 codes, 9 laws, 2 concepts and 35 draft regulations during the year.

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