Sunday, 25, February, 2024

Uzbekistan has become the first beneficiary of the UK's GSP Enhanced framework. This was announced during a press conference held in Tashkent with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade and the British Embassy in Uzbekistan.

During the event, it was emphasized that Uzbekistan became the first country in the world to receive this status. The decision was made following the consideration of the application submitted by Uzbekistan in April this year.

This decision was preceded by a series of consultations between the Uzbek Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade and the Department of International Trade of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The UK applies preferences similar to the EU GSP + system for goods imported from third countries, as part of the GSP Enhanced Framework, introduced for developing countries after the country's exit from the EU.

The participants in the press conference indicated that preferences for goods of Uzbek origin under the UK GSP Enhanced Framework have been applied since November 1, 2021. In the near future, events will be organized to familiarize manufacturers and exporters of Uzbekistan with the advantages of the new system, as well as the mechanisms for using the received preferences.

"The commitment of the Uzbekistan government to the full implementation of the provisions of 27 major international conventions in the field of the environment, human and labor rights, as well as good governance, which are one of the conditions for obtaining the GSP EF beneficiary status, previously ratified by Uzbekistan," was noted.

Prior to this decision, Uzbekistan used the basic scheme of the GSP General Framework, according to which Uzbek manufacturers could export about 3,000 goods to the UK without customs duties and 3,200 items at reduced rates.

After receiving unilateral tariff preferences of the GSP Enhanced framework, the number of commodity items that Uzbek manufacturers will be able to export duty-free to the UK increased from 3,000 to 7,800.

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