Tuesday, 18, May, 2021

On March 31, a meeting was held at the French Embassy between the deputy of the Jizzakh province governor, Azim Akhmedkhadzhayev, with the Charge d'Affaires of France in Uzbekistan Brice Roquefeuil and the French business partners, Azim Akhmedkhadzhayev announced on his Facebook page.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the progress of three Jizzakh province projects in which French companies are involved:

- FIVES STEIN float and automotive glass production unit;

- BOPP films production unit;

- Renault Avtovaz automobile plant.

Azim Akhmedkhadzhayev emphasized that in the process of negotiations the specific dates for the implementation of these projects were established.

In addition, an agreement was reached on drawing French travel companies for the development of tourism business in the Jizzakh province.

“Brice Roquefeuil noted the rapid upward trend in the development of Jizzakh province and expressed confidence in the successful implementation of all the planned joint projects,” concluded Azim Akhmedkhadzhayev

In January 2019, Azim Akhmedkhadjaev, who served as deputy director of the National Agency for Project Management (NAPM) under the president, was appointed deputy governor of the Jizzakh province.

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