Thursday, 24, June, 2021

33 large pharmaceutical plants will be commissioned by the end of the year in Uzbekistan, the chairman  UzPharmSanoat (transl. Uz Pharm Industry) group, Mirzanozim Dustmuradov announced at a meeting with journalists on Wednesday.

About 140 enterprises manufacture over 2,000 types of medicines and medical devices in Uzbekistan. The share of local products has surpassed 50% of the total sold, he added.

The new import substitution pharmaceutical plants will allow to increase the share of local production to 70% by the end of the year. List of drugs that are sold at fixed prices will also be expanded, Mirzanozim underscored.

Dustmuradov noted that in 2016 local enterprises produced medicines medical devices worth US $ 340 million. According to him, it saved $ 700 million of foreign currency due to the fact that local drugs are on average by twice times cheaper than imported ones.

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