Sunday, 19, January, 2020

Uzbekistan has decided to build another two power units for the nuclear power plant, the minister of energy Alisher Sultanov told 

The first NPP in Uzbekistan will consist of two 3+ generation VVER-1200 power units with a capacity of 1.2 thousand MW each. The first power unit is scheduled to be commissioned in 2028, the second – before 2030. The site near Lake Tuzkan in Forish district, Jizzakh province was selected as the priority site for the project.

“Two units will be added to the projected two units, as we are choosing the site which will be able to host four blocks,” he added.

The construction of the next two units of the same capacity will take less time and expenses, as the infrastructure will be there, he noted.

According to him, with Uzbekistan should have built nuclear power plants 15-20 years ago. The president has repeatedly spoken about this. In the meantime, we have lost a lot of nuclear physics experts, and nearly lost the whole science - nuclear physics. We were on the verge of closing our research reactor, and only through the efforts of the president, we managed to save everything,” he stressed.

“Having the necessary resources, nuclear fuel, it was probably wrong not to consider the construction of a nuclear power plant,” he believes.

Meanwhile, he called the decision to build the plant "a revolutionary leap forward in Uzbekistan’s energy sector."

“The construction of nuclear power plants is very important. The will be the long term source of cheap guaranteed electricity. This is a project that our children and grandchildren will be dealing with, ”said Sultanov.

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