Friday, 14, June, 2024

Uzbekistan in the first year-half exported US$ 1.1 billion worth natural gas. Among other exported resources - electricity (US$ 106 million) and uranium (US$ 98.9 million).

Fruits and vegetables at US$ 463.2 million are in the distant second place, while a total of US$ 582.5 million worth of food items were exported. The country also exported wheat worth US$ 18.3 million.

The cotton yarn (US$ 381 million) is in third spot. In addition, Uzbekistan supplied ready-made garments worth US$ 216.9 million, cotton fiber worth US$ 166.1 million, knitted fabrics worth US$ 33.2 million, and cotton fabrics worth US$ 29.7 million.

The export list includes several types of chemical products. In total, according to the Statistics Committee, in six months the country exported chemical goods worth US$ 466.8 million: polyethylene (US$ 219.5 million ), polypropylene (US$ 21.6 million ), carbamide (US$ 21.2 million), potash fertilizers (US$ 17.1 million) and ammonium nitrate (US$ 14.9 million).

In the top 20, cathode copper (US$ 147.6 million), rolled ferrous metals (US$ 90.4 million), animal leather (US$ 34.8 million), construction materials other than cement (28.2% million). Passenger cars ranked 15th at US$ 22.2 million.

Uzbekistan main trade partners: Russia, the two-way trade for the half-year was at US$ 2.84 billion, followed by China (US$ 2.81 billion), Kazakhstan (US$ 1.4 billion), Turkey (US$ 940 million), South Korea (US$ 762.4 million), Afghanistan (US$ 341.1 million), Germany (US$ 334.4 million), the United States (US$ 256.8 million), Latvia (US$ 227.8 million) and Belarus (US$ 208.1 million).

Countries which imported Uzbek products for the first time: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jamaica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Brunei, Costa Rica, Namibia, Uruguay, the Bahamas, Cambodia, Zambia, El Salvador, Puerto Rico and Congo.

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