Friday, 14, June, 2024

Four more free economic zones are to be created in Urgut, Gijduvan, Khazarasp districts and Kokand city free economic zones. A draft Presidential decree, prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, has been posted on the Portal of online public services for discussion.

FEZs offer favorable regime for investments to encourage creation of modern processing facilities, and are designated to enhance comprehensive and efficient use of the potential of the four regions.

The duration period of these zones is 30 years with possible extension, during which special tax and customs regime will operate . Besides it, the FEZs will host logistics centers and customs posts.

It is envisaged that the FEZs will host new production units in such industries as deep processing, storage and packaging of horticultural and agricultural products, textile, carpet, footwear and leather goods manufacture, eco-friendly chemical, pharmaceutical , food, electrical, machinery building , automotive, building materials industries.

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