Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

Uzbekistan in 2017 reduced petroleum production by 6.3% down to 806 Mt, and increased natural gas production up to 56.417 Bcm, or a 0.5% increase compared to 2016, statistics committee said.

Uzbek companies produced about 4.04 million tons of coal, +4.4% compared to 2016.

Uzbekistan decreased the production of motor gasoline by 2.5% down to 1.1 million tonnes. The volume of production of diesel fuel fell by 4.5% down to 962.9 Mt.

more than 60.09 billion kW/h electricity were generated in Uzbekistan in 2017, which is by 3% more than in 2016.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, the country's enterprises produced 27.36 million Gcal of heat, which is by 4.5% less than in 2016.

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