Tuesday, 28, May, 2024

The Cabinet of Ministers issued Application and Open Use of World Geodetic Systems in Uzbekistan Resolution Tuesday, the Committee for land resources, geodesy, cartography and state cadaster said.

The adoption of the resolution will allow using geodetic data for creation and maintainance of the National Geographic Information System, a unified system of state cadastres, making of cadastral and user maps accessible to public and private users. This, in turn, will improve the quality of, services by public and private entities in the field of cadastre and real estate, and other related areas.

Private companies will be able to use maps created on the basis of the World Geodetic Systems to create new services and apps that are associated with ground positioning.

Until now, the SK-42 reference system also known as the Krasovsky has been used in Uzbekistan as the state system of geodetic coordinates, which covers the entire territory of the country. SK-42 provides parameters which are linked to the geocentric Cartesian coordinate system PZ-90, and which was used to create a huge amount of geodetic classified data.

To create an open coordinate system, it is necessary to use the reference data that is different from the initial data of the SK-42, for example, the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS-84).

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