Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

Uzbekistan intends to increase its investment attractiveness through participation in various worldwide rankings, the chief of the Committee for Investments Azim Ahmadkhodzhaev said at a business forum in Tashkent.

"Our new economic policy is bringing considerable results: we have climbed in Doing Business Ranking, we are negotiating with our colleagues about Uzbekistan's participation in other ratings which could improve  Uzbekistan's investment attractiveness for investors," the speaker said.

"I think we will start studying more deeply which structures Uzbekistan should become member of to increase its rating. Now we are in a position where we should not be afraid to join some organization and get ratings, even if we are not ranked well in the beginning, since we have a completely open approach and are confident that we will succeed in such organizations and raise our ratings," Ahmedkhodzhaev said.

He is sure that guided by such “healthy” ambitions, the country will be able to become onу of three fastest growing economies and double its GDP by 2025. According to him, the country intends to join top 20 and even the top 10 in the Doing Business ranking.

All this, according to him, can become a good foothold for achieving ambitious plans.

"We bear in mind that that the free trade agreements that we have with our neighbors and with Russia will allow us to become some sort of an industrial hub, and we have quite a developed infrastructure and we will direct the main investments inflow into this sector," he concluded.

Earlier Azim Ahmadkhodzhaev stated that Uzbekistan needed a complex analysis of its economic sectors and to create new tools to attract investments. To this end, the Committee, engaging experts, drafted the Investment Code, which will become the main act in regulating investment activities.

Currently the draft is being discussed on the of the Drafts of Legislation Public Discussion Portal.

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