Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

In Bukhara’s Alat district was held the ceremony of launching of production of natural gas in Khojasayat section of Karakul investment block, UzbekNeftegaz said in a statement.

The operator company of "Construction of Khojasayat gas condensate field (GCF) Dengizkul GCF, Khodjadavlat GCF and Sharky Alat GCF project “ is the Uzbek-Chinese JV New Silk Road Oil & Gas.

"In the near future, the joint venture plans to start development of Khodjadavlat and Sharqiy Alat fields, drill 8 new wells, perform workover of three previously drilled wells, and lay 43 km gas pipeline," the statement said.

The project will allow annual production of 1 bln m3 natural gas, which will be exported and about 6.5 thousand tons of gas condensate for sale on local market.

In 2006, CNODC (a CNPC subsidiary) signed an agreement with UzbekNefteGaz for geological exploration at five investment blocks (Aralomorsk and Sam-Kosbulak investment blocks of the Ustyurt oil and gas region, Karakul and Romitan in Bukhara - Khiva oil and gas region, Karajiyda-Gumkhan-Fergana oil and gas region) during 5 years.

Note: In 2013, UzbekNeftegaz and CNODC set up an equally owned JV New Silk Road Oil & Gas for the development of Dengizkul, Khodjadavlat and Sharqiy Alat (Karakul investment block) gas condensate fields, opened by the CNODC following its own geological exploration works.

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