Monday, 22, April, 2024

President of Uzbekistan approved the decision to merge UzSpirtSanoat into UzVinoSanoat-Holding. This decision was taken in a view to “develop the raw materials base, enhance the efficiency of procurement and processing of technical grapes varieties, boost production and export of potable ethanol, spirits, liqueurs and wines, draw foreign investment to the industry”.

UzSpirtSanoat includes five large assets, specializing in production of ethanol: Andijan Biochemical Plant, Kokandspirt, Biochemistry, Tashkent Wine Factory and Bektemir Experimental Alcohol Plant.

The new company will now be engaged in pursuing an investment policy aimed at creating new high-tech and modernizing existing enterprises, monitoring quality compliance in the production process, preventing the illegal production and sale of edible ethyl alcohol, alcohol, distillery and wine products.

It is noteworthy that in half-year, the enterprises under UzVinoSanoat-Holding produced 780.7 billion soums (4.1% growth) worth of industrial output, 568.7 billion soums (4%) worth of consumer goods; including, over 10 million liters of wine (3.6%), 29.3 million liters of vodka and liqueurs, 369.2 thousand liters of cognac (2.2%), 382.5 thousand liters of sparkling wine (0, 4%) and 33.8 thousand liters of potable ethanol (1.4%).

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