Friday, 19, July, 2024

The Economic Review magazine analyzed Uzbekistan’s international trade with the CIS countries in January-May, 2024.

Reportedly, in January-May of this year, Uzbekistan’s trade with the CIS countries increased by 4.9% reaching US$ 8.8 billion: with exports on US$ 3.1 billion dollars, US$ 5.7 billion worth of imports. During this period, CIS countries accounted for 32.9 percent of Uzbekistan’s international trade.

Russia was the top country on US$ 4.782 billion or 55 percent. Of this amount, exports stood at US$ 1.354 billion dollars, and US$ 3.427 billion of imports.

Russia was followed by Kazakhstan with US$ 1.581 billion, Turkmenistan, US$455.5 million, Kyrgyzstan, US$ 294.3 million and Belarus on US$ 265.2 million.

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