Wednesday, 19, June, 2024

Average salary in Uzbekistan rose by 19.8% to UZS 4.92 mln ($387) in Q1 of 2024, the State Statistics Agency said in a report. Among provinces, Andijan recorded the highest increase at 25.2%, followed by Tashkent at 22.3%, and Ferghana at 21.5%.

The highest average salaries were recorded in Tashkent city at UZS 8.1 mln ($640), Navoiy at UZS 6.5 mln ($513), and Tashkent province at UZS 4.8 mln ($380). The lowest was in Surkhandarya at UZS 3.5 mln ($277), Kashkadarya and Namangan at UZS 3.6 mln ($284).

Brokedown by of sectors, the finance and insurance sector had the highest average salary at UZS 13.2 mln ($1,043), followed by the IT sector with UZS 11.7 mln ($924), and transport and storage at UZS 7.4 mln ($585). The healthcare and education sectors reported the lowest average salaries at UZS 3.2 mln ($253) and UZS 3.4 mln ($267).

In 2023, Uzbekistan saw an average salary increase of 17.2%, with the national average reaching UZS 4.55 mln ($368) by year-end. The Ferghana province recorded the highest increase in salary at 19.1%. Tashkent followed this with an increase of 18.7% and the Jizzakh province at 18.1%.

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