Sunday, 16, June, 2024

Bukhara and Ferghana oil refineries increased gasoline production by 21.2%, the press service of Uzbekneftegaz said in a statement.

To meet the increased demand, the average daily production volume at the Bukhara and Fergana refineries increased by 700 tons - up to 4,000 tons (the Ferghana refinery for 1,000 tons).

Also, the local company SDK Group And increased the import of AI-92 K5 gasoline from Russia.

“Thus, an increase in the volume of sales of motor gasoline on the domestic market, put up for exchange trading, has been achieved,” the statement says.

While, against the backdrop of a sharp cold snap, the authorities decided to double the daily volume of gasoline supplies to the Fergana valley - up to 800 tons. The bulk of the fuel produced by the Ferghana Refinery is supplied there.

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