Thursday, 20, June, 2024

Fertilizer plant project has been commenced in Uzbekistan. The plant will become one of the largest production facilities in the Bukhara province, Dunyo reported.

Reportedly, an article titled "Construction works of a new mineral fertilizer plant have commenced in Uzbekistan" was published on the news portal of EastCham-Finland Chamber of Commerce of Finland.

"The Cypriot investment company Ferkensco Management Limited is building a fertilizer plant in Karakul district of Uzbekistan," the news publication reported. "The plant will start production of ammonia and urea in January 2026."

Known as Korakulkimyo Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, the plant will be a part of Korakul special economic zone, which was set up last year.

"495,000 tons of ammonia and 594,000 tons of urea will produced at the enterprise, with over 500 jobs to be created. Gas, air and steam are used as raw materials. The plant project is expected to start in the Q4 of 2023, and the production in January 2026", the article said.

The amount of investments for the plant reported stands at US$ 600 million.

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