Tuesday, 25, June, 2024

Shavkat Mirziyoev chaired a government meeting on the state of affairs in terms of introduction of renewable energy sources and the measures taken to ensure the stable operation of the energy system in the summer season.

Shavkat Mirziyoev touched upon the issue of energy conservation in the provinces.

For example, a businessman in Karshi district started a project to heat a 10-hectare greenhouse with coal.

Within the framework of the project, coal synthesis will save 2.8 million cubic meters of gas annually, and 8 million kilowatt hours of electricity will be produced.

The need to adopt programs for the implementation of such projects in other provinces was also emphasized.

Taking into account that the demand for coal is expected to increase by 1.5 times this year, he underscored that coal production should be increased from 5.3 million tons to 6.5 million tons this year.

For this, an 80 million dollar loan will be provided to Angren coal mine, and the first line of Shargun coal will be put into operation. Also, businesses will be attracted to 14 coal mines.

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