Friday, 18, January, 2019

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev made an address at an event dedicated to the Anniversary of the adoption of the Uzbekistan’s Constitution on December 8 at the Forumlar Saroyi. Highlights:

“1,177 government officials were prosecuted for corruption in 2018. You see what is shown every day on TV: [corruption] in a bank, city administration, hospital, prosecutor’s office, police. When will we get rid of this disease? When we will oppose this as a whole nation. 1177 responsible persons, among them there are governors”.

“With current rampant level corruption, Uzbekistan will never be able to achieve its goals. 1177 officials is a very big number. What does this number speak of? It is the evidence that our officials are still far from being just, honest, responsible, and serving the people. So I am proposing to create anti-corruption committees within the chambers of the parliament.”

“If we want to build a really strong economy, to live in prosperity and safety like in the developed countries, we have to transition to the market economy however hard it will be, and not just in rhetoric in hit or miss way, but elaborately. This is the only right path. We have no other option. We will resolutely go on with the reforms and they will surely give positive outcomes”.

“In order to live well, we have to, first of all, work hard, not only to enjoy rights and freedoms, but also bear responsibilities”.

“Support to the young people’s desire for education, support o the entrepreneurship and cooperation with foreign countries will remain at the heart of our reforms. Educated youth is the foundation of our future, entrepreneur-minded people are the basis of a prosperous life, cooperation in the spirit of friendship is the basis of prosperity”.

“When can the justice be guaranteed? When judges follow the the law, when they work honestly and in good faith. The procedure for nominating and electing judges should be fair and democratic, to this end it is necessary to take into account the public opinion. Unfortunately, some judges are still taking unjust decisions, leading to citizens losing their faith in justice."

“Mass media has a special role in the citizen oversight. I follow the mass media. Unfortunately, there are very few stories about the problems in enforcing regulations and critical materials. The mass media must become the defenders of the people, for this they must be professionals and have analytical skills."

“90 laws and over 2,000 decrees and resolutions have been adopted over the past two years that are aimed at ensuring constitutional rights and freedoms, improving the living conditions of the people, and solving problems that have accumulated over many years.”

“Uzbekistan must sharply cut the number of various level unnecessary government and local authorities meetings, of which people are already tired, and transition to more practical work to achieve concrete results.”

“Based on the goals of our reforms, I think it is high time to review the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers in order to turn it into a truly supreme authority of the executive. I want to note that proper reforms take time and sacrifices. However, frankly speaking some officials who are used to working in the old way are not liking the reforms. Insomuch, they [the reforms] are disturbing their peace of mind. However, the reforms are much needed, and they cannot be stopped or reversed. The leaders of all levels must grasp this truth once and for all".

“The questions arise: how many unemployed are there in our country? How many people are employed in the informal sector? How many people are seeking for job abroad? One jobless means ten problems. If you assess how these problems are affecting the society, family, then this is quite a serious issue. So we must support youth entrepreneurship. If we teach them how to work properly, we will solve not only economic, but also social problems”.

“This year, the tasks and powers of the security service were completely reviewed, and all the security service employees were objectively assessed. For the first time, the Uzbekistan’s State Security Service Law was adopted. According to the law, the new service is engaged in protecting the country from internal and external threats.

“I will give one example. In the Canadian city of Calgary, where there are over 1 million vehicles, 10 people died in road accidents in 10 months of this year. For comparison, in our country, where in total there are more than 2.5 million vehicles, over 1,600 people died on roads in the same period. Is this not a tragedy, not a huge loss? We have increased the penalties for the road rules violations. But is this enough to solve the problem? I think not.

“Respect for the law is brought up on the basis of legal awareness and legal culture of our people. In other words, some observe the laws out of fear of punishment, others respect the law thanks to the education they received in childhood. Therefore, we must first of all reach out to the population, especially the youth, on legal issues. Simply put, we are obliged to teach our children from an early age to understand what is allowed and what is unacceptable, and we must ourselves serve as an example for them.”

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