Friday, 22, February, 2019

The President of Uzbekistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Uzbek Armed Forces, Shavkat Mirziyoyev today at the Chirchik training ground observed special tactical exercises of units that were put on high alert.

As reported earlier, an ALERT signal was given on the morning of November 26 for comprehensive test of the combat readiness of military units of the Ministry of Defense. Such scale and sudden test  has not been yet conducted in the Uzbek army to date.

Large scale Military drill 2

The airborne, artillery, motorized rifle, tank units, special operation units, as well as the Air Force took part in the exercises at the Chirchik training ground.

Fighter aircrafts and helicopters of the Air Force hit the bases and positions of the conditional enemy.

Large scale Military drill 1

Then a tank unit appeared at the site. It masterfully overcame a water obstacle, an escarpment and a track bridge - the obstacles used in tank biathlon, and reached the specified area.

In the course of the operation, actions were carried out to remove conditionally seriously wounded soldiers from the battlefield, and their evacuation by helicopter.

Large scale Military drill

Modern combat helicopters conducted the landing of personnel to the designated place. The forces of the paratroop battalion with the assistance of the forces and equipment of the combined-arms reserve successfully completed the task of destroying the conditional enemy that had penetrated through the battle formations.

Large scale Military drill 4

The exercises were also observed by the heads of the military-administrative sectors, relevant ministries and departments.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev familiarized himself with the conditions in the military unit located near the test site, examined the weapons and equipment. He noted that the goal of the reforms implemented in the defense system is to strengthen the security of our country and ensure the peaceful life of the people.

Large scale Military drill 3

Colonel Kodir Tursunov, distinguished by his professionalism, was given a car, tablets were given to servicemen.

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