Sunday, 17, February, 2019

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed Decree on Improving the Procedure for Relieving from Criminal Liability of Uzbek Citizens who mistakenly became the members of terrorist, extremist or other banned organizations and groups and which is aimed at providing the opportunity to return to their homeland, their families and peaceful life.

In 2017, more than 18,000 citizens who repented of their deeds and returned to a peaceful way of life were removed from the the so-called 'black list'. More than 10 thousand of them received assistance for employment, social support and doing business.

The decree formed the National interdepartmental commission, to be headed by Prosecutor General Otabek Murodov, which will be in charge of reviewing the applications from Uzbekistan nationals, who mistakenly became members of banned organizations and groups. 

As of November 1, 2018, a new procedure shall apply according to which citizens of Uzbekistan, who mistakenly became members of banned organizations, shall not bear criminal liability on the basis of the commission's conclusion. In case the application is rejected by the commission, all circumstances shall be considered in accordance with the procedure established by law.

According to the decree, citizens of Uzbekistan shall not bear criminal liability in case, they:

  • turn themselves in, sincerely repent their deeds and take the path of reintegration;
  • contribute to the disclosure of criminal activities and other unlawful acts;
  • were involved in the activities of banned organizations by deception;
  • were not ideological and spiritual leaders of banned organizations;
  • did not take part in hostilities and commit sabotage and subversive acts;
  • did not undergo special or military training in banned organizations or terrorist training;
  • did not travel or move for terrorist purposes;
  • did not participate in the financing of international terrorism;

The adopted decree shall serve as the basis for legal entry of citizens into the territory of Uzbekistan.

Repentance applications shall be submitted to the Uzbekistan’s diplomatic missions at their place of residence or Uzbekistan’s law enforcement bodies.

Decisions adopted by the commission within its authority shall be binding for all state bodies and entities.

The the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan shall be the working body of the commission.

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