Friday, 18, January, 2019

Highlights of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s address on the ocassion of the 27th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence on September 31 at Palace of Forums:

Allow me to congratulate you on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the Uzbekistan’s Independence

  • On this auspicious date which gave start to a new era, free life, we once again realize what hardships our people had to endure through the years of independence.
  • We pay tribute to our ancestors , our compatriots and all others who brought sacrifices for the sake of our country. Thanks to the independence we have become a full-fledged member of the world community and we are building our bright future on our own.
  • Based on the achievements made since our independence we are now heading from the national restoration towards the national prosperity. We have adopted the Five-area Strategy of Actions to reach the new level of development to achieve this goal.
  • In the backdrop of harsh global competition, the modernization of our country through making use of R&D, science and high tech has become our priority task. To this end we named the year 2018 as The Year of Pro-active Entrepreneurship and Innovations.
  • A great deal of works is being undertaken to enhance the living standards of the people through Obod Mahalla (Improved Neighbourhood), Obod Qisjloq programs (Improved Village).
  • Today we don’t want to speak lofty words of full justice achieved in our country, however it would be fair to say that ordinary people have started to believe in justice and truth.
  • In the last 2 years 700,000 jobs were created in Uzbekistan, with banks having provided 25 trillion soums in loans (3.18 bln USD).
  • Considerable efforts are being undertaken aimed at ensuring the vital principles of the rule of law, imminence of punishment and improving the activities of courts, prosecutor, police authorities, legal profession and making them genuine defenders of human rights and interests. Order and discipline, law and order, addressing the rightful demands of the ordinary people, the principles that had been forgotten over many years are taking deeper roots in our lives.
  • You are well aware that recently I have issued a decree on pardoning 261 convicts who sincerely repented of their deed and firmly embarked on the path of correction.
  • In the new stage of national development, we must analyze not only our successes and achievements, but also our mistakes and drawbacks and take effective measures to promptly rectify them. We are also striving and have set serious, high goals aimed at changing the mindset of the people so that they learn to demand and fight for their rights, learn to hold public officials accountable.
  • No authority in the history of Uzbekistan had ever set such goals, this is unprecedented. I want to remind that this is no temporary measures, this is our lasting stance. The business will never be as usual. We are in the beginning of a long road. We have a lot of shortcomings, and many of us still lack knowledge where we are heading to, what we want to achieve, what needs to be done. The public officials are also learning new things, improving little-by-little.
  • The people have begun to have confidence in our motto “It Is not the people who should serve the government bodies it is the government bodies who should serve to the people”. Serving to our people will remain our ultimate daily goal. And everyone should bear this in mind, and everyone must strive to this goal. However, we must admit that the government bodies don’t’ have the required expertise, qualification and resources to properly serve to the people. And the mindset of public officials is also changing they are also learning to do their job properly. We have been trying to serve based on the skills we have, and we have adopted new laws and regulations. But these laws remain piece of paper until the people’s mindset changes. All level deputies must oversee the implementation of these regulations on the ground. Only then the things will get better in our society.
  • The people are optimistic about their future. In this regard, I want to emphasize that the direct dialogue with the people, addressing their concerns is not a temporary campaign. This is our long-term strategy aimed at ensuring the prosperous life of the people, the prosperity of our dearest Uzbekistan.
  • No less important task is to ensure in practice the freedom of doing business, inviolability of private property.
  • In addition to the construction of large industrial enterprises, we will focus on promoting tourism, small business, family entrepreneurship, farm and handicrafts.
  • We will keep our focus public healthcare, further improvement of people's lives, protection of low-income families, increase of pay, pensions, allowances and benefits.
  • We will continue to expand cooperation with the world community, with all countries, first of all with neighboring countries. The development of a multifaceted interaction with various international organizations and financial institutions also fully meets our national interests.

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