Thursday, 30, November, 2023

A group of MPS of the Uzbekistan Legislative Chamber prepared a request to the Cabinet of Ministers in relation to its September resolution regarding advanced training every two years of drivers of legal entities at one company, a source in the parliament said.

According to the resolution, starting from this year drivers of vehicles belonging to legal entities are required to pass training courses every two years at a private company AvtoTest, an “innovative driver-training program”, founded by Komil Allamjonov, the President’s current press secretary. From July 1, administrative liability has been introduced for absence of training course certificate issued by Avtotest. The Road Rules has been amended to include these.

The government's decision sparked wide public outcry, in particular because the authorities didn’t consult the public before issuing the resolution, the very requirement of such advanced training, the two year period, but most of all - granting of such a right to a private company (AvtoTest).

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) stated that the decision should be examined by the "relevant authorities", but later there were reports that the CCI had participated in the decision-making, as well as the Interior Ministry, the Competition  Committee and a number of other agencies.

According to Rasul Kusherbayev, an UzLiDep MP, the deputies were also surprised by the decision: "Why is the right given to only one legal entity, this creates artificial monopoly. Why is the certificate only valid for two years? Do our traffic rules change so frequently? "

The President said on several occasions: "It is necessary to put an end to granting of privileges and preferences to some business entities". However, here we see a movement in the opposite direction," the deputy added.

The proposal to send the request was initiated by deputy Kadyr Djuraev, an Adolat party MP. As it was supported by a number of other deputies, it was decided to prepare a collective deputy request, Rasul Kusherbayev said.

He noted that the world experience is being studied and alternatives to the approved decision are being considered that can be offered to the government.

After submitting a deputy request, the Cabinet of Ministers must give a reasoned response within 10 days.

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